Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Backlog of workouts

To piggyback on my last post, her are my workouts from last week up until this point. I'll do my best to list distance, time, weight, etc, and be as transparent and honest as possible with my workouts.

January 5th
2 x 8 min on 2 min rest
1. 1776m - 2:15 - 24
2. 1728m - 2:18 - 22

This was my first erg for an extented period of time in a looong time.
Breakdown is total meters, 500m average, and strokes per minute (SPM)

January 7th
AM - Kettlebll Clean and Press ladder
Pull ups (jump negatives)
2 x (1,2,3,4) 20 reps
20# KB

I would do 1 C&P, 1 pull up, 2 C&P, 2 pull ups, etc.

PM - Erg
2000m TT, then 3x500m @ 2:05 on 30 seconds rest

20000m - 8:20.5 - 2:05.1 - 29 SPM
1. 500m - 2:04.2 - 31 SPM
2. 500m - 2:06.6 - 28
3. 500m - 2:06.2 - 28
4. 500m - 2:03.6 - 30

This was one of my worst 2K TTs. Awful. About 30 seconds slower than over the summer. Splitwise, though, it's pretty consistent. I started off a tad fast, but held a good pace for the middle 1000 and picked it up for the last 500m. Ideally I'd like the pace to increase throughout, but I'll take it and build on it.

Rest 3 minutes, then 3 x 500m
1. 500m - 2:05.3 - 28 SPM
2. 500m - 2:05.1 - 27
3. 500m - 2:05.5 - 26

Wanted to hold my 2K average for a few 500m repeats on short rest.

January 8th
5 RFT (rounds for time) - 6:40
7 dead lifts (75#)
10 ring dips

Took it easy as this was my first time doing DLs in a couple months. I started with a blue band for assisted dips, then moved to one foot on the ground. Focused on the full range of motion (ROM).

January 10th
5 Knees to elbows (K2E)
10 KB snatches (5R/5L) - 25#
15 push ups

Time 10:44. Was a bit conservative on the K2E since it used to aggravate my butt. Snatches were good, but I need to work on my left arm. The push ups were weak. I switched to knee push ups by round 3 to keep up the intensity. I didn't want to end up doing 1 rep at a time.

January 11th
3 x 5 min on 3 min rest
2:10.4 24 SPM 1147m
2:10.5 24 SPM 1150m
2:11.0 25 SPM 1145m

I wanted to hold a 2:10 per 500m rating and succeeded. I was also happy with the 24 SPM. It was also the 3rd day of 6 that I've been on the erg, so I was feeling it in my lower back soon afterwards.

January 12th
Crossfit Endurance (CFE) workout - Tosh
3 x (250m + 500m+ 700m)

Rest is the time it takes to cover each distance.

250m - 1:07, 1:01, 0:59
500m - 2:06, 2:00, 1:59
700m - 2:57, 2:50, 2:50

My form was gone on that last 700m. Used my rest time to set the monitor to countdown the meters and used my Timex watch to time the rest periods, hitting the lap button when the monitor hit '0'. I must've been resting too long at the end of round 2 as I initially set it for 700m instead of 250m. I could've rowed another 150m to have it count, but wanted the exact time/distance, and reset it.

I have an idea of where I'd like my times to be, but this is definitely a good start.

All caught up! Now I have tonights workout to do..


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