Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A much needed break

I've been saying it for awhile now, but I finally took the time to get a massage. I needed it; my legs need it. With my bosses okay, I took the afternoon off last Tuesday and joined my GF at a doctors appointment of hers at 2:30. I then headed up to Dupont for a massage a few hours later. Even during the 20 minute walk, I couldn't wait to get off my feet and get on the table. After the cramping and overall awful feeling in my legs from the weekend, it was nice to get the lactic acid flushed out.

After the session, she said that I didn't feel too tight, but she did notice my left side was a little tight and less flexible, which I knew already. I will continue with stretching and yoga as much as I can fit in.

Even so, I was cramping again this past weekend, 16 miles into a 50k training run. I bailed. I hoped to have a better day Sunday at BRR, and again bailed after 2 hours. Mentally I'm out of it. I don't know what it is. My mind is not on the trail. I thought I had my nutrition, foot care, and shoes all figured out, but apparently I have nothing right. It's a mix of cramping, bloating, hot spots, black toenails, and the need for new shoes that bother me as I prepare for long runs.

With another 50k this weekend and one on each the 22nd and 29th, I want to get away from running for a bit. I want to recharge. I want to each pizza and drink a beer (which I do from time to time), and will do it while watching hockey. I saw the Caps opening game and am finally making it back for my second game this season. My GF bought us tickets for her birthday :D and it will be nice to get to another game. Of course, Daylight Savings is still kicking me in the butt, and I feel like I'm still not caught up on sleep. Oh well.. at least my mind won't be on running.


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