Wednesday, January 30, 2008

2007 Spring Schedule

Here's the 'goal' for the spring. I'm not signed up for everything yet, but here's what's planned.

February 2nd - Uwharrie Mountain Run 40 miler

March 1st - Seneca Creek Greenway Trail Marathon

March 2nd - B&A Trail Half-Marathon

March 29th - HAT Run 50K

April 12th - Bull Run Run 50 miler

April 26-27th - 24 hour Adventure Trail Run

May 17-18th - Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run The big papa.

It's the same schedule from last year, but my goals will be a little different for each race. Last year, I set a PR at Uwharrie (10:24), HAT (5:59), and BRR (10:32), and did well at Seneca (5:50) in bad trail conditions, as well as the next day at B&A (2:05) while following a 10 min run/1 min walk plan.

However, the ultimate goal is MMT, which I finished in 35:45 - just under the 36 hour time limit. I know I can do better and I have a better idea of the course and what it takes to finish. Yes, I've already finished, but I know I could've trained better, and should've trained on the course more. I don't think it was lack of knowledge about the course that did me in, it was lack of foot time on the course since it was f'ed up feet that slowed me down the last 50k or so. I can't describe the pain I was in and don't want to experience that again this year.

So the plan this year to head out to the MMT course every 'free' weekend to cover sections. I'm not quite sure yet how to manage a 50k or so on my own with how/where to leave drop bags of nutrition, but I'll figure that out closer to those dates. The same weekend, I'll do another trail run closer to DC - either head up Potomac Heritage Trail to Turkey Run and back, hit the Bull Run course, or run the trails in Prince William Park. I would love do to some of the EX2 Backyard Burn Trail Runs, but I'm not sure how to work them into my schedule. If I do them, they'll be more like recovery runs and time on my feet/on other trails, instead of for speed. We'll see.

I love the challenge and I'm looking forward to MMT again.


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