Thursday, May 15, 2008

Comings and Goings and Upcomings

I have a few drafts that I'd been working on, but never got the time to finish my thought. A lot has changed in the past.. well, month or so. I don't think I've posted anything since doing the Bull Run Run 50 miler. I'd like to say I've been busy getting ready for MMT, but I haven't. It has probably been THE laziest taper ever known to tapers. I did participate in the 24-hour Adventure Trail Run at the end of April, where I completed 40 miles over the course of 9.5 hours - split up by 24 miles in 5:15, a 5.5 hour break, and then 16 more miles in 4 hours of running at night. I was happy with how I did.

During that time, I was also going through the interview and hiring process for a new job. The whole thing - resume submission, phone interview, face to face interview, then the 'on-site' interview with the group I'd be working with, and the job offer an acceptance - took 16 days. It started on April 8th (submitted resume via email and got a call back 90 minutes later for a phone interview) and 'ended' on April 24th. I was called in the morning and told they would be checking my 3 references. After talking with one of them (my current boss), they called back at 4:45pm to tell me I would be offered the job, and I verbally accepted.

Since then, my focus has been on filling out all the proper paper work, researching my new health care coverage options, and documenting my current job. I was on-site at the new job this past Monday and Tuesday, so I'm 2 days (if not more) behind on my documentation. I look at the list I wrote up and it's not getting smaller. For some reason, it tends to get longer.

My last day is this Friday as my exit interview is scheduled from 11am-11:30am. I will go in to say my good-byes, gather up my work issued belongings to turn in, have the interview, and leave. Once I walk out the door, I am on my way out to Front Royal for Massanutten Mountain Trails 100. Maybe it's a good thing that my mind hasn't been in the mountains. I have been too busy to focus, let alone think, about the race. Heck.. I just wrote up my packing list today. My nutrition is 'together' on the counter; it's out of the cupboards and sitting at the end of the counter. The rest of the items are in their respective drawers or dirty piles.

I'm excited about the new opportunity.

I'm excited about tackling (being tackled?) the MMT rocks again.

I'm excited about my new beginnings.


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