Friday, January 15, 2010

Wed - Thurs Workouts: Consistency

Wed, January 13th
4 RFT (rounds for time)
7 KB cleans
7 Jumping squats (no weight)
7 KB squat cleans
Time - 6:44

Many ways to vary this (weight and time), but I just wanted to test out the squats. I used two 20# KBs and didn't go to full depth on the squats.

Thurs, January 14th

Erg - 20 min tempo
Total - 4626m - 2:09.7 - 24 SPM
1. 5 min - 1146m - 2:10.8 - 24
2. 5 min - 1150m - 2:10.4 - 24
3. 5 min - 1157m - 2:09.6 - 24
4. 5 min - 1171m - 2:08.8 - 26

I'm very happy with this row. This is probably the longest, time wise in one sitting, that I'll row before the end of the month. I made sure to stretch my hamstrings quite a bit after this workout. My back was sore during the day Thursday, but I felt no pain in my leg, hip, or back even after sitting for hours at work. I consider this progress.

Warm up
2x through of
5 ring dips (blue band)
10 KB swings (35#
10 KB snatches each arm (20#)

Double KB dead lift - 35#

Suitcase style deadlifts with the KBs to the side.

Main set
5 x (2, 4, 6) of clean and jerk (C&J) with the 35# KB

This is done as 2 reps right arm, 2 reps left; 4 reps right arm, 4 reps left.. etc.
Total reps = 60 I had planned more rounds and a different rep scheme, but this was plenty.

This has been a good week of workouts. I've been very consistent even if I had to move workouts around here and there. I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things and into a routine. I need to get more sleep and spend a little more time warming up and stretching as well as focus in general on getting in, getting my workout done in a set amount of time, and being done with it. I have a tendency to lolly gag and put off doing it, then rushing through it or moving it to another day. And since I can workout at home I tend to wander over to see what's on TV, get more water, change shirts, etc, which takes time from the workout. I know I'll get more consistent with timing and completion of workouts.

Another week (almost) done, 17 to go.


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