Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pulling your own weight

I still can't do a pull up. I do push-ups on my knees. I'll swing kettlebells until my hands bleed.

But at least I can carry a 12lb package up 5 flights of stairs.

It's not like I was juggling it from hand to hand or trying to balance in on my head while trying to ascend the stairs to my office. I just put it under my arm and walked up.

At my job, frequently I’m asked to carry 'heavy' folders and boxes. I was expecting something via courier the other day and finally received a call from the Mail Center that it had arrived. The caller, in her two-packs-a-day sounding voice, suggested that I should use a hand cart to take it upstairs. I just told her 'thank you for the suggestion' and that I would 'manage'.

Next time I'll show off and do a few military presses with the box on the way up.

Maybe over the phone I sound like I can't carry something that weighs 12 lbs, but from all the times I've been called 'sir', I’d venture to guess I sound more like I can carry something that weighs closer to 50 lbs.

Give me some credit.


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