Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Getting back into shape

I know it's because I just did a long race over the weekend and the body is still tired, but, damn, do I get winded just walking up the escalators! So it's time to get back in shape!

Since moving, I've had to figure out a new route to work. The first few days it was nice enough out that I walked the 2 miles to the office. I've caught a couple different buses recently and I have to walk upwards to 10 minutes either to the stop or from the stop to the office. In the near future I hope to start biking in again.

My Monday's are busy and I can't get in as good a workout as I used to a few months ago. Last night I wanted to do something, so I did a little Burpee and Kettlebell Snatch Pyramid workout that a buddy of mine recommended when short on time.

Burpees Snatches (each arm)
10 1
9 2
8 3
7 4
6 5
5 6
4 7
3 8
2 9
1 10

He said to aim for under 15 minutes, but I finished in 12:29 with more resting that I should've in between burpees. Boy, do I dislike buprees, but what a great full body workout. I hope to get the workout in under 10 minutes next time around.

I hope to continue to do a workout with burpees, snatches, or heavy KB swings at least once a week. I want to squat and deadlift a little more knowing it won't hurt my running if done correctly. No, I'm not afraid to put on muscle, either, and don't expect to get Schwarzenegger-like legs. If that's your perception of what happens when you lift weights, then you need to be re-educated about weight training. It has helped me tremendously this year not only with added strength (not size!) but my overall recovery, and it will be a staple up until, and through, MMT.


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