Thursday, March 05, 2009

Tuesday Night Trail Time

I was finally able to join a small group last night (re: 3 people including myself) for a nice (ahem.. illegal) run through the trails of Rock Creek Park. The trails were still snow covered (ya!) after a "snow storm", but also had a nice layer of ice on them (boo!) from other runners and walkers using the trail.

If I could remember the route we took, I'd tell you, but then I wouldn't want anyone sending the cops out after us for 'trespassing' ;) We did run bits of Valley Trail and ended up around the Carter Barron Amphitheathre before finding the trail again and making our way down to Boulder Bridge and back to Pierce Mill Barn. We paid a visit to the Klingle Mansion, which (I learned that night) was one of the last things Chandra Levy looked up before her ill-fated trip to Rock Creek Park almost 8 years ago. How fitting that we were visiting it on the day the warrent was issued for the man suspected of killing her. What an educational run!

We finished it with a grinding run up Porter St to Connecticut.

Here's a picture of me attempting to sled on a container lid that we found on during a detour (aka we were a little lost).

I ended up bruising my thighs and ripping my tights. Not a smart idea to go head first. Still! I got in some good headlamp time during the week and enjoyed every minute of it. I'm hoping to get there more frequently in the coming weeks.


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