Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The End..

Enough with the shit about losing my wallet. I'm a dumbass.. I know.. I'll admit it. Whether it was stolen or I lost it while in the midst of a drunken stooper.. I take the blame. It took a total of almost $60 (travel and fees) and almost 5.5 hours of transit and wait time to get a copy of my (I have to say - perfect) driving record and license.. this whole ordeal is done with. I'm shutting the door.

I write this after having 4 bottles of Sam Adams Light. Why 4 bottles? Because it was lite or light beer. Why Sam Adams? It was the best of the bunch. Actually, I had an import, but can't think of what it was.. but it was decent. Oh, and I had a few glasses of Red Bicyclette Merlot..

So now I have a new license.. i can drive while in Michigan.. and I can buy alcohol.. because even at my age *ahem* I still get carded. Flattering, sure, but flattery will get you no where with me. The credit cards have been reissued and I'll have them in a few days. I'll get a new soc sec card while I'm home. No rush. Fraud alerts has been placed on my credit report. What else is left for me to do?

I'm enjoying another glass (or 2) of wine while I pack. I'm supposed to be at the pool at 6:30am.. think I'll make it? I know I'll get shit if I don't show. I haven't swam since the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. It's closing in on 2am, I'm still have throwing stuff into a suitcase, and I'm sure I'll be hungover.. like it won't be the first time this week.

SO back to the license bit.. I'm closing the book on it. Am I losing hope? Nah.. just moving on with my life. Did I break? Nope. I just can't keep looking back. I could use that line, and I'm sure I'll use that line, for a few other things, but I digress...

I leave for Michigan Wednesday night. I'm really looking forward to being home.. to catching up with my old softball buds.. highschool friends.. and my family and nephew. I look forward to the break. So what if I'll still check my work emails from home.. it beats being in the office.

I bid thee farewell. I might give updates from Michigan..


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