Friday, December 16, 2005

Hangovers suck..

..but losing your wallet is worse. Man, this bites. Maybe I should've listened to my friends who say I should get a chain to hook my wallet to my beltloop like every good dyke.

Nuthin like waking up at 10am with my contacts still in, shirt and bra on (with nametag still on shirt), and pantless face down in bed. At least I made it up to my bed, it was my own bed, and I was alone.. well, I guess being alone is a good thing. And at some point when I got home, I took my laptop out of backpack and hooked it up to the internet.. and was logged in to my work email. WTF..

Obviously last nights happy hour at the bowling alley was a hit. I gotta swipe a pair of those shoes, though.. they kick ass. Aside from my misplaced wallet, I think I misplaced $40 or so.. yeah, okay, so I drank it away.. sue me.

So no purchases have been made with my cards yet and I've called to put a fraud alert on them. I think it slipped out of my pocket and into a bag of stuff to donate that I had with me. Last thing I want to do is spend my Saturday morning at the DMV when I could be doing a 3 hour spin class. Damn. There's hope that it's in that bag and I'm waiting for word later today.

Dammit all. And I'm flying home Wednesday and still need to do some Christmas shopping.

Even my brunch of dry cupcakes and a piece of dry chocolate cake leftover from last nights holiday party for my department aren't making me feel better. So I skip a work party to go bowling. Maybe this is my punishment.



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