Saturday, December 17, 2005

How I Spent My Saturday

Yknow, the DMV wasn't all that bad. I figured I'd be there for 4 hours, but no.. ! barely even one hour. You see, it helps to have all your ducks in a row when you go there. I had gone online to see what documents I'd need before getting a new license. I wanted to get this done in one trip instead of waiting forever to later be told I'm missing document X, preventing me from getting the license.

So guess who didn't have what they needed... yep.

Apparently my company started to X out all but the last four digits in my SS# on my pay stub making that item obsolete. I had my W2 from last year, but the copy of my taxes wouldn't suffice. Apparently I needed a GOVERNMENT-CERTIFIED copy. So since my social security card was in my wallet, I need two other proofs of ID and I didn't have it.

I don't have my birth certificate and nor did I have a copy of my college transcripts. My health insurance card not only doesn't have my SS# on it (which would've helped me in the previous paragraph) it doesn't have my birth date on it, which was required. So I couldn't prove my identity.

Last kick in the teeth is that I couldn't prove my ability to drive. Apparently this stipulation was on the 'converting an out of state license', which I overlooked. No old license, no unexpired out of county license, or certified driving record. I have to go to the Maryland DMV for a copy of my driving record, a temporary license, or even a new license before getting a DC license.

Basically it was a waste of a day. I was pissed and stormed out wondering WTF to do. Walked over to the bowling alley to talk with them personally to see if someone found my wallet. No dice. I called the cab company earlier and they gave me the number to the DC Taxicab Commission. Can't call them until Monday, but emailed them regarding my lost wallet. Walked the 3 miles home since I wanted to save what little cash at hand I had on me. Called my dad and asked if he'd overnight my birth certificate to me. Won't get that until Tuesday. Was hoping to get to a Maryland DMV, but only one location is metro accessible and it closed at noon.

So I did what any reasonable person in my situation would do - I cried. I started going through old pay stubs looking for one with my full SS# on it and as I sat there, I just started bawling. How could I be so stupid to lose my wallet? Why did I keep my SS card in it? Why did I drink so fucking much that I barely remember leaving the bowling alley, barely remember getting home, and don't remember a single thing about getting undressed (as much as I did) and going to bed. Why am I such a packrat that I have papers coming out the wazoo from 4 years ago and can't find a damn thing. What am I going to do about flying home Wednesday?

So I sat there and cried and felt sorry for myself. I blamed myself for a lot of 'coulda shoulda woulda' that would've prevented this from happening. And I cried.

Finally, I found a paystub with my full SS# on it. A HUGE weight was immediately lifted from my shoulders. A feeling of "things aren't so bad" blew by me and a sense of calm started setting in. So all I need now is to get my birth certificate, which should arrive Tuesday, and a copy of my driving record, which I *should* be able to do Monday. I found a place metro accessible, but it's a HAUL from work. First thing Monday morning, I'm calling the DC cab commission even though I sent an email today.

I swear someone turned it in. There has to be a good soul out there. I'm hoping it was found and mailed to the address on my license. Even though it's my old Maryland license, it will find its way to me. There has been no activity on my bank card or my other credit card, so it's just sitting somewhere. My only fear with my SS card is that someone will try to get a new credit card or something. I'm in the junk mail biz.. I deal with people that freak out when they get a piece of mail addressed to someone else thinking that someone is using their information. I'm now one of those people.

*sigh* Not a fun day.. :(

Off to get a beer and hope tomorrow is better.


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