Friday, February 10, 2006

Answer: Sofa King

Question: How tired am I?

I haven't recovered from last weekend's trip home.
I'm falling behind in my classes and staying up late trying to catch up on my reading.

Not sure how long I can keep going on 3.5-4 hrs of sleep a night.

I gave my presentation tonight and I BOMBED. This is how nervous I was.. my ass was trembling. And to top things off, near the end of my presentation, I spit. Thank god it went toward the middle of the room where no one was sitting. Heck, the night started off on a bad note as I was nodding off 20 minutes into the class! I usually do this at meetings or training sessions at work; it's almost expected of me. So I left the room and went to the bathroom, splashed some cold water on my face, and I was good to go. You should see the notes I took. Needless to say, I stunk it up big time. I don't think class can get any worse than today since I set a pretty low standard. Only way is up.

I'm up way past my bed time.


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