Monday, February 06, 2006

Weekend in Review - #2

Oy.. what a weekend.

It seems like I've been flying every 2 weeks or so. I was back in MI for Christmas and flew back the 3rd of Jan, I flew to San Fran the 13th-15th of Jan, and I just got back from a wedding back in Michigan. I had a great time on all the trips, but there are times when I just want to be home after a long day of traveling.. hungover, too. What didn't help with tonight's trip is that the plane was delayed leaving airport #1 because of noise restrictions in Detroit because of the Super Bowl going on.. or something like that. So the plane sat idling on the runway and I did my homework while the guy next to me hogged the armrest and snored. I was going on 4 hrs of passed out 'sleeping' and could've used some shut eye, but I knew that if I did sleep, I'd end up snoring like him. I admitted to a few people this weekend that I am the occasional bed wetter and I also drool. You see, I get so relaxed and.. and.. ohnevermind. We finally took off 45 minutes behind schedule and I knew I'd be cutting it close to catch my connecting flight to DC. I did make it (thanks to my expertise in 'fast packing' with my heavy backpack), however, upon reaching DC, I realized my bag didn't make it. So I started making a mental list of everything in the bag and if I needed anything right away. The first thing that came to mind wasn't really the bags contents, but the smell of the contents. That shit was ripe when I stuffed it in there and it was only getting worse. My plan when I got home was to throw it all in the wash, even if I didn't wear it, and now the stench was seeping further in to the fabric. My bag was finally delivered to me at 11pm, after I arrived in DC at 5:30pm, and the clothes made their way to the washer. The end to a long day.

I keep saying that I love going back to Michigan and how tough it is coming back. I hope I never stop saying how much I enjoy going back to Michigan because it's home and I know I'm welcome there by so many people throughout the state. However, I have to admit that I was looking forward to getting back to DC. It didn't really hit me until I started writing this, but something was said to me a number of times over the weekend by the same person and it's finally sinking in.

"Jakes, your priorities are changing. You're committed."

I knew it was going to be a tough weekend. I knew even before leaving for Michigan that I had a busy week of work ahead of me as well as a crapload of homework to do - exorcises, a lot of reading and a presentation to prepare. When I told a few people of my weekend plans, they all said the same thing.. "You're not going to get anything done." I don't want to fall behind in my classes and that's why I lug around my big backpack full of the necessities - laptop, books, notebookes, folders, water, and pistachios.

Well, I did the best I could and read as much and as often as I could. I finally had to nap for about 15 minutes total on the two flights home and had to get some shuteye from 9-9:30. I was exhausted. I have more work and studying to do before calling it a night, but I made good progress and did well considering how much I drank.

Nice segue to the topic of my drinking. Apparently it doesn't matter that my last binge drinking episode was New Years Eve Eve and New Years Eve. Since then, I had the 2 glasses of wine on my birthday a couple beers at a hockey game the following week, and a few sips of wine. However, it seems that I've earned a title of sorts as the Mikey from the old Life cereal commercials.

"Give the shot to Jakes, she'll drink it. She'll drink anything!"

Yeah, okay a couple shots of Yagermeister after X pitchers of beer. Yes, you read that correctly. It seems as if my alcoholic beverage consumption isn't measured in beers, but how many "fill in the X" pitchers and/or cases I drink. At NYEE, it was a case of Killian's. Friday night, it was 2.5 pitchers of Killian's. Hey, it beats getting up and buying a beer every 10 minutes. I won't even count from Saturday.

So I might have to start toning it down again.. my priorities are changing, remember? I was reminded of another priority in my life and should probably keep it in mind when I'm out and about.

April 8th. I'm committed.


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