Thursday, February 23, 2006

Feeling Vincible

I don't get sick. In fact, I do as much as possible to avoid getting sick.. I eat right, I workout, I take my vitamins... but I don't get enough sleep.

I can only run on 4-5 hours of sleep/night for so long.

There comes a time when what my body wants to do will over rule what my brain wants to do. My brain wants to get up at 5:30am to bike or run or swim.. my brain wants to say up until 1am studying. My body, however, wants a minimum of 7 hrs of sleep.

What can I do?

After a busy few weeks of travel.. to San Fran in the middle of Jan, then back to Michigan 3 weeks later and again the following the weekend for some major boozin. I was still recovering when I went back on the 10th, and hit the bottle hard then. I tried to get back on track with school and training the next couple weeks until it hit me on the 16th. I tried to head it off at the pass and combat any ill feelings with high volumes of Vitamin C, Dayquil, and Echinacea.. but to no avail.

So I spent most of Saturday and Sunday sleeping. I went for an hour run on Monday followed by an easy hour on the bike. My heart rate when I started the run was just under 100 bpm and averaged 170 on the run. That's not good especially since it was an easy effort. I went to dinner with ex-K that night, then came home and went to bed. I felt no better the next morning and worked from home to avoid getting my coworkers sick, dragged my ass, to class, then back home to bed. Was no better Wednesday. I worked from home in the morning, went downstairs to watch some hockey and curling, then woke up 5 hours later when my sister came home from work.

Feeling a little better today, minus the lack of appetite, mild nausea, and overall 'blah' feeling, but after checking my work email last night, I knew I had to be in the office today. I don't mind working from home, but there are some limitations. I am not prepared for class having not read the required chapters nor have I read that articles that will be discussed. Oh well.

I missed going to the gym Tuesday, the first time since Jan 17th. I will be there tonight even if it's just to do some core work. I look at my racing schedule and I have something coming up next weekend. I know I'm not in shape, but I usually do races to get into shape and/or to see how far out of shape I really am. We'll see how that goes.

I like to say I'm feeling, blah, 'eh', or not up to par before I'll admit that I'm sick. I'm not to that point, though, cuz I feel like it's admitting defeat. I'm not one to give in that quickly, either. I don't like to feel vulnerable.. mortal. Apparently I have this 'hard ass' image I'm supposed to live up to.

Don't want to disappoint.


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