Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Pink is the New Heather Grey

Anyone can tell me, and I hope that they do, that I don't look good in pink.

That's cool. Be honest, please.

I've professed how much I hate shopping and will reiterate that point - I hate shopping. Nothing fits me. I have a big ass, broad shoulders, and a wide back. Should lay off the lifting, eh? Not a chance. On top of nothing fitting, the colors suck. With workout/running stuff, I end up buying men's stuff - especially shirts - for 4 main reasons:

1. loose fitting - won't cling to my belly
2. length - covers said belly
3. sleeves - real sleeves, none of this faux or 3/4 sleeve shit
4. color

Not all chicks like to wear tight fitting stuff.. not all chicks are under size 10.. and not all chicks like pretty, fru-fru, pastelly colors.

I am one of those 'not all' chicks.

So when I went "real clothes" shopping back in December, I realized I needed more color in my wardrobe. I wear the usual heather greys, forest greens, khaki, and navy blues cuz I look good in it. But I wanted to step outside that comfort zone, so I went ahead a used an Old Navy gift card to buy this jacket.

After finding one in "my size" (a friggin XXL! damn shoulders and lats..), I went with it because it wasn't me.. wasn't something I'd normally buy.

And then I realized today how many pink items I actually have.

I even picked up a couple pink carnations today (happy vday to me) and have a 'pink' waffle knit shirt from JCrew that I've had for years. I'm bummed that I lost my pink Nalgene bottle today after class and the padlock was free from a coworker that didn't need it. (EDIT: called the school and I left my bottle at the computers outside the classroom. Was lost, now is found!)

Now.. I should clarify that the Old Navy jacket color is really 'molten copper' and the JCrew shirt is 'currant'. However, the floral pattern on the inside of the jacket isn't flying too well with the other butches.. 'molten copper' or not..

For me, this is a lot. Around the time I got the watch in September (FYI, I won it so I didn't have a say on the color), I needed to get a new pair of running shoes and the only color I could find in my size (of my style that was being discontinued), was pink.

However, I did find the blue/silver pair in my size at an expo.

I was thinking of getting this, preferably with a DC on it, to add to the collection..

It's sooo me.

I think I need to tone it down a little bit. The feminization process is getting a bit out of hand.

Now where did I put that flannel shirt..


At 7:05 PM, Anonymous Kimm said...

Okay, you know I had to comment on this pink issue. First and foremost, I hope I'm not the butch in question, cuz I am NOT butch!! Okay, maybe I am a little. Number two, I thought the jacket looked nice on you (even the liner), but I had to give you shit about it because.....well.....cause I can.

As for the pink waffle, I'd have to see it on you before making any judgements and/or comments.

At 10:49 PM, Blogger Jen said...

ahh.. I said butches plural and I didn't name names.. so I plead the 5th.

would it be overkill if i wore the jacket, with the waffle, with the watch.. sportin' some pink kicks, a pink hat, and sippin from the Nalgene?

I have no fashion sense..


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