Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Smear the Queer!!

ahh... grade school revisited!!

Sort of..

There are many times that I just don't like my job, but I have to admit that I like the people I work with. There's a core group of cool people that will go out to lunch for birthdays and drinks and I'll even let my guard down with a few of them. Do I consider them my friends? Eh.. there is a line I draw that I don't like to cross when it comes to work and personal life; I like to keep the two separate.

So at my office of 250+ people, there are about 45 in my department and 7 or so in my immediate group. In our department, we have a 'fun team' that will plan.. well, fun stuff. The past couple of years, our department performed well and exceeded expectations, so we had big celebrations. In May 2003, we took the train up to NYC Friday morning, spent the afternoon there, had a nice dinner, and saw "The Man of LaMancha". Afterwards we found a bar and from there one group went back to the hotel, another group went dancing, and the cool group went to a strip club (yours truly included). In Oct 2004, we went to Annapolis and took a boat cruise out to a crab feast lunch. Yours truly had a special vegetable dish specially made, however, I preferred to eat the corn and drink the Yuengling. Then the cool kids went to the bar afterwards and to another bar for dinner. Needless to say, that was the first of many nights that I got in trouble with the then Mrs.

The smaller stuff includes a happy hour every other month, bowling, laser tag, and an ethnic dinner. This is a potluck where we bring a dish to pass from our 'native land'. We have a number of people from all corners of the US - Cali, Minnesota, Jersey, Michigan, Texas - as well as the world - Israel, India, and China. It's a good time. And most of the time there is drinking involved, which the department pays for.

So Friday, Feb 10th was a preview to Friday, Feb 17th. The company had a Fun Friday, but our department had one as well where we watched "Dodgeball". On the 17th, we played dodgeball.. not smear the queer as the title assumes, but I just like saying that cuz I was out there and the boys were gunnin for the good chick. It's comical to see my coworkers let their guard down and have fun. I was surprised to see some of the chicks participating, even if they threw the ball like they were inbounding the ball in soccer.. STILL! They were out there.

It was a good time.. especially going to The Green Turtle afterwards for drinks and food. Here I am on my way to getting plastered.. thanks in part to the company who paid for the refreshments.


At 8:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This looks veerry familiar. Makin' me proud with the hat too.


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