Sunday, February 26, 2006

Rock in a hard place

It was a long week for me. Granted, I had President's Day off for vacation, I'd been feeling ill most of the week and was at work only Thursday and Friday. I've slept more in the last week than I have all of February. You'd think I'd get the hint to slow down..

I found out a couple things Thursday and Friday that will have an effect on the rest of this year.. and the other on the next couple of years.

Thursday - I found out that a race I'll be doing in early June will have Ironman slots available. Ironman tris fill up in hours, so you have to register the year before. There are also community fund slots, which cost $1,000 and about $600 goes to charity, as well as slots available at select half-Ironman races. I wasn't sure how busy I'd be this year, so I didn't sign up for anything last year. I had hoped to get a slot at the race in June, until finding out in Oct or so that they wouldn't have slots available. I had hoped to get into Lake Placid, which will be July 23rd, but then mentally switched gears to doing it next year. The Outgames are in Montreal the following week, so I put that in mind for doing this year. I figure 'what the hell' since it'd be a once in a lifetime thing. Well, it turns out there WILL be IM slots at the half IM in June. Now I'm torn. I only know of one other person going to Montreal and I've mentally calculated the expense to go there on my own for a week - car rental (I don't own one and would drive up, hotel, registration, food, gas, etc..). I'm sure doing LP would be cheaper, but I could do that just about any year.

Decisions, Decisions..

Friday - I found out that morning during the 'daily huddle' with my group that my Slipper Manager is three months pregnant. I figured she was as she's been going to a number of doctors appointments over the last month. She's also been pushing to hire someone new saying 'we'll be busy this year.' I started putting two and two together.. not that hard. Maybe I'm reading into it too much, and I should be happy for her, but I've been thinking about when I can leave the company. This isn't something I want to be doing for the rest of my life and I'll have been there 4 years come April. When I finish my grad certificate in December, I'll have to stay on with the company another year before leaving since they are paying for schooling. If I leave before then, the payment is considered a loan, and I'd have to shell out over $6,500. And this is why I won't ever have kids.. it's because I'm selfish. So it looks like she's due in September, when I'll be taking my last class. Give her.. oh, 6 weeks maternity leave.. maybe a few vacation weeks, too, and that leaves me a long time to be boss. I'm not boss material. The last time my boss got pregnant, I was working in Ann Arbor at the time, and I fled to the East Coast. Why? Because I didn't want the responsibility.

Selfish, I know.

So it gets me to thinking if she'll change careers post-baby and become a full time mom, making me the boss. Again, puts a damper on my plans to leave. I'm sure she doesn't even know that yet, either. And who knows what I'll be doing then, too.

A lot to think about, and I'm spending way too much time on it as is.

No wonder why I'm so freakin tired..


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