Friday, January 27, 2006

Three Thoughts of the Day

#1 - If you EVER travel to DC, you're bound to use the Metro rail, aka metro, lesser known as the 'subway'. NYC has a subway, we have a 'metro'. Most of the stations in the District are underground, which means you have to take an escalator from street level down to the trains. Some of the escalators are long and steep and I'm sure some people have never seen such long escalators. If they're that cool, then by all means, take your pictures of said escalators. But for the love of God, STAND TO THE RIGHT! Some more escalator tips can be found here. Remember these four words - "walk left, stand right" - and commuters will be able to tolerate you. DC is a working town and not just a tourist attraction. And as an FYI, I'm in commuter mode 24/7, so don't stand in front of me on an escalator. Makes me sound like pretentious 'local', eh?

#2 - When I'm walking with my hat on, head down, and earphones on, I must have a sign on me that says "Ask ME for directions" and/or "Ask if I have spare change". I try to not be too rude when removing my earpiece and asking "whut?". At least this evening when I was asked if I had any change, "just a dollar or two," I fished through my pockets and pulled out what I had - two sets of keys, a broken IM Wisc keychain from 2002 (it's good luck), a lucky stone, two pennies, a padlock (honest), and Chinese candy - to prove I didn't have change. Luckily my train pulled up, so I put my hat back on, put my earphones on, lowered my head, and boarded the train.

**If you notice in the link in #1, panhandling is prohibited.

#3 - I am officially at 'nerd' status as I have joined the Cranium Club at Reiter's bookstore. If I want finger puppets of Van Gogh or Einstein or Freud, I'll know where to go; if I want a 'π a la mode' T shirt, I'll know where to go; and if I want a book of "50 Mathematical Puzzles and Problems, I'll know where to go.

"It's Free! It's a no-brainer!"

If I was at the bookstore tonight, then hopefully it's obvious that I finally got my last textbook.. finally. I actually got the call Wednesday and tried to get to the bookstore that night, but ridiculous delays on a number of trains and a power outtage near one of the stations thwarted my attempt. I spent $1.35 to go nowhere and back. But, a las, the self inflicted saga is finally over. I wish I could say I can now rest in piece, but I have a lot of reading to do.

I don my hat, put the earphones in, lower my head, and bury my nose in the pages.


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