Thursday, January 26, 2006

Resolution Redux

Not gonna talk about my resolution(s) just yet. I wanted to mention a phenomenon going on in my office, and I'm sure in other offices around the globe! It's called the failed Resolutions. Like I said, we're not talking about me here.

When I came back from my holiday vacation in Michigan, one of the first things I noticed was the refrigerator at work. Instead of the usual slices of pizza wrapped in foil, last nights fried chicken, or doggie bags from local restaurants, it was stocked with cheese slices, baggies of carrots, tupperware containers of salads made at home, and Lean Cuisine meals in the freezer. I had to smile to myself; at the attempt to "get healthy", a resolution for many. Hell, I was just happy that after being away for so long, I still had my bottom left crisper drawer. I think they all know it's *mine* and not to mess with it.

The other change was the number of people out walking at lunch or using the fitness room after work and during lunch. Of course they kept it up for a week or so when we had mild temps in the mid-high 40s/low 50s.

It's about that time in the year for those that made, oftentimes, ridiculous goals for themselves, to start slipping or just throwing up their arms in defeat. Case in point. I had a meeting yeterday afternoon in our coffee bar. I just finished my lunch and brushed my teeth before going to meeting. (Yes, I brush my teeth at work and usually 2x. It's a good habit!). As soon as I get in the room, I notice a couple trays of whatnot on the counter. I examine them closer to find prepared deli sandwiches and cookies. Most of the people that pass through the coffee bar glance at the sandwiches before grabbing a cookie.

"Just one."

I receive a number of "you're so good!" comments about my ability to resist the temptation. Honestly, I wasn't tempted at all because I had just brushed my teeth and didn't want to muck up the nice, fresh feeling. (another good reason to brush often - it helps curb cravings)

So just as I'm getting ready to nuke my lunch today, an email is sent out to my group and the other group on the floor, that there's "food in the 5th floor kitchen."


It's like moths to a light. I wait a few minutes to let the herd move in/out before getting lunch. Someone must've had some clients in as it was stuff leftover from a catered lunch - leafy green salad, oriental pasta salad, bread, meat fixings, chocolate bites, and the ever tempting cookies! I huddled as close as I could to the microwave, sacrificing my body to the absorption of harmful microwave rays while trying to avoid getting in the way of the hungry troops.

"you're so good!"

I'll admit.. that cookie tray WAS tempting and I had a quick discussion with a little red guy over my left shoulder and a little white guy over my right shoulder. I tried to justify the snack.. and it would be a nice dessert for my lunch, mentioned the red guy. However, there is a container of Jell-O waiting for me in the fridge, the white guy reminded. I looked at my container of frozen veggies that I just overnuked.. sad.. and back at the chocolates. I made my decision. While my sweet and sour tempeh was heating up, I started digging into the salad. I grabbed bits of spinach to tear up and put in my container. From the pasta salad, I grabbed the red and yellow peppers along with the cherry tomatoes and zucchini slices. Voila!

I could've justified having a sweet because I'll be lifting tonight after class, but I tried on some pants this morning, and they didn't fit as I would've liked them to. Granted, I was wearing long johns underneath, but that was enough for me to resist. Besides, I have my own chocolate dessert waiting for me at home - cup of Jell-O pudding mixed with a scoop of chocolate protein powder and a tablespoon of peanut butter.. the nectar of Gods!

The fridge is back to normal.. leftovers from last night, cans of pop, leftovers from lunch, and a case of Corona.

Life is good.


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