Tuesday, January 22, 2008

destination.. cont..

IV. Exiting the Plane - After the Applause
A. Wait
B. Wait some more
C. Get my 2 $250 vouchers
D. Wait
a. text random people
E. Get luggage

V. Supposed Limo Service
A. Two "Soccer Mom" vans.
1. I thought I picked the less junky of the two, but I was wrong, and sat in the very back behind the driver.
B. The dude who gave himself a manicure was in my van.
C. From the time I got off the plane to the time we got on the road - 90 minutes
**I would've been home by now..

VI. 11:30pm - 4:15am
A. Don earphones, turn up loud, put backpack next to speaker on my left to dampen it.
B. Don hat, gloves, and zip up coat for all the times the driver rolls down the window to help stay awake.
C. While dosing in and out of sleep, I catch stories from the driver about when he worked in a prison, and I'm glad I don't hear all of it.
D. Set off the car alarm while still inside and parked at a rest area.
E. Wake up when we are just south of Ann Arbor as we're pulling over so the other van can switch drivers
F. With head tilted to the left and resting on my backpack, I wonder why I'm not looking directly at the dotted yellow line, and why it's over the driver's right shoulder.
G. Pray while my van barely pulls off the highway just north of Ann Arbor for a new driver to take over.
a. New driver of both vans are passengers.
H. Arrive at GRR a little later than expected.

My (then) 8 month pregnant sister got up to get me at the airport. Found out later from my BIL that he didn't know she had left the bed at all. I asked her how long I had to sleep before my nephew would be waking me up, and she said she'd try to hold him off until 9am.

Arrived at my destination (bed) at 5:30am.


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