Friday, December 21, 2007

The gift that keeps on giving

I have my moments when I like shopping. I can't say I thoroughly enjoy it nor am I good at it, but sometimes when that window is open I not only enjoy shopping, but get good deals and aren't annoyed by other shoppers.

This time of year begs for coworkers to buy presents for each other in an effort to keep with their good graces. It's even more challanging when given a $20 limit. So when I was out at REI the other weekend, I was wandering around looking for ideas. I thought this Whitewater Game was cool when I first bought it, but as the date of the party got closer, I had a gut feeling it was a bad choice. Well, the gal pal wrapped it up all pretty like and we showed up at the party in Philly.

I put the present on the table amongst the large packages and gift bags. I was starting to feel insignificant so I quickly found myself some sort of winter brew to drink. Enough beers later, the Chinese Polyanna (what they called it), started. As the cheese plates, Netflix gift cards, wine accessory kit, and DVDs were unwrapped and unvailed, I grabbed another beer while a partipant unwrapped the gift I brought. I didn't dare speak up to explain what it was when he flipped it over and looked closer to try and figure out what it really was. Nothing was spoken of it the rest of the evening and I'm a little surprised he didn't leave it there.

So I had another work holiday party this week that involved gifts. The 'twist' with this party was that it had to involve something you received before that has gone unused. I knew there was a chance the guy who got my wonderful gift might attend this party (even though he works out of our Philly office), and sure enough, he was tehre.

I had 3 holiday parties to go to, but only went to two of them, and this was the last on the list. I showed up with my unopened dusty bottle of cheap champagne that the VPs gave us last year. The classy part is the "Happy Holiday's from T & P" written on the bottle in puffy paint. Of the 40 participants, I drew #29. I didn't scout out the regifted gifts prior to the event, but assumed mine from the Philly party was amongst the crowd.

I laughed along (I blame it on the umpteen Stella's I had been drinking) as those before me unwrapped a smores making kit, unwanted wedding gifts, and Santa candy dishes. I was happy to see the recipiant of my gift recieve a gaudy tote bag and matching umbrella. I "lucked out" and got a lock de-icer and an electric windshield scraper. Perfect for the car I don't have! Might be seen on Freecycle in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

And sure enough, the Whitewater Game was on the table and selected by one of the VPs of my department. It received the same "What is it?" question while it was being unwrapped. Once your gift was unwrapped you had to explain why you brought it. His story was "I received it at another party and didn't know what to do with it".

From Friday to Wednesday.. that has to be one of the quickest regift turnarounds, eh? I'm a little upset, but whatever. His loss and the VPs gain.. I'm sure it's a wonderful game.. and I put money on it that he regifts it to his 6 yr old daughter. Hopefully she can appreciate it.

REI failed me :(


At 4:46 PM, Blogger Xena said...

Nothing a marshmallow gun (also from REI) can't fix.


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