Thursday, December 27, 2007

Reaching my final destination

It took awhile, but I finally made it to Michigan last Friday. I thought about it during the process and how crazy it was, and the only way to really describe it was in outline form. I'm sure this isn't technically correct (English teachin peeps?), so bear with me.. it was a long day/night.

I. Introduction - 'Prepare for the best and expect the worst' should've been my motto. The packing list was written out Thursday night, 'piles' created, and then loaded into the correct baggage Friday morning while I worked from home until 1:30pm. Weather looked good in all points en route (BWI, Cleveland, GRR), so a seamless travel plan looked particularly promising. I should've remembered that it's the holidays and something bad is bound to happen.

II. BWI - Cleveland - You know it's a sign when the first flight is delayed 20 minutes one hour before boarding.
1. I have 1 hour to make my connecting flight
a. We end up taking off only 12 minutes late.
b. I'm mushed in my middle seat, but am asleep before we take off.
c. We arrive in Cleveland 9 minutes late.
d. I wake up when the wheels hit the ground.

III. Fun in Airports - I call my sister who is supposed to pick me up in GR at 10, and BIL says when answering "I hear you're already delayed.
1. Check the screens.
a. 8:56 departure has now moved to 9:56 departure since the plane from Richmond hasn't left yet.
b. Continue to talk with sister about weather, the holidays, nephew, and baby #2 on the way.
2. Call other sister to have her bring stuff I forgot.
3. Call girlfriend to see how drive up to NH is progressing.
4. I move away from my gate to chairs close to an outlet so I can charge my cell phone and read.
a. A guy sits about 15 yrds down the row of chairs from me.. and proceeds to give himself a friggin manicure!!
- Clipping, biting, digging, and filing.
- I have coworkers that do this in their cubes at work.. I can't seem to get away from it.

III. Supposed Flight from Cleveland to GRR - Finally we start boarding around 9:45 an I take my aisle seat in 17B.
1. Earphones in, book out - I just want piece and quiet.
2. I learn that the soldier in the seat in front of me likes to wear his uniform "for the perks", as he explains to other Army and Navy vets around us.
a. Said soldier explains the only differences between Coach and Business Class are the seats and the beer, which he can't drink because he's only 18.
3. We should've taken off by now, but there is a "weight issue". I'm mildly offended and assume they are calling us Michiganders fat, then I realize.. well, we are Michiganders.
4. Flight attendant announces the options of removing passengers and/or luggage.
a. Luggage - first assumed only 11 pieces needed to be taken up (would be delivered to GR by the morning ), but it was soon confirmed that all but 11 pieces of luggage needed to be taken off. That option was declined.
b. Persons - 11 passengers were offered a "Limo service" to GR that night, or could try to get a flight in the AM.
- I was on the phone with sisters and GF weighing my options - could I get on sis's flight through Cleveland in the AM, or would it be booked; I wouldn't mind the $500 voucher; nephew had been promised I would be there in the AM and he could wake me up, and I didn't want to disappoint him.
c. They needed one more volunteer and most of the passengers looked away, hoping they wouldn't be picked.
- I stood up and walked forward to mild applause and some 'thank yous' as I exited the plane.
5. Little did I know what I was getting myself into..

to be continued...


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