Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Doing it all

I try.

I think I've mentioned before about spreading myself too thin. I want to be involved in everything, or as much as I can be. In doing so, I end up limiting myself.. selling myself short.. going until I'm exhausted.. going until I can't do it all.

The flavors of the Fall are as follows:


I began rowing in August after taking a "learn to row" class. I enjoyed it and wanted to continue, so I joined the AM program, and I've been at it now in the AM's for about 6 weeks now. It will continue until early November.

Rugby started up again late August and we've had a match every weekend since after Labor Day and will continue to do so until the end of October. Playoffs are then with Nationals in November.

Running.. well, it happens when it does. I sprint 2x a week before rugby practice, and run a couple times at home after work.. usually Mon or Wed night. The goal is the Philly marathon November 18th where I hope to lower my marathon PR of 4:00:change to something.. well, faster.

I will say this.. the weekend long runs are hard to come by with a rugby match Saturday and a rowing head race on Sunday. Last weekend was my first 'double', and I'll do it again this weekend, and a few more before the end of the season. I've been fortunate so far to avoid any serious injuries playing rugby, but I do get my fair share of bumps and bruises. However, by the looks of me, you would think I got the short end of the stick, or that I was beaten with that stick.


Here's a quick rundown of the damage:

-Bottom lip, right side. Was told it looked like an ink pen exploded in my mouth
-Right shoulder, bicep.
-Entire left arm - shoulder, triceps, bicep, elbow, forearm, wrist
-Left elbow - I knew when it happened and felt the bump to make sure it wasn't a bone.
-Quads and shins - look as if someone pelted them with rocks.
-Left knee - outside, "hit with a baseball bat"
-Right calf muscle - just stepped on.
-Right hamstring - stepped on, with cleat marks (own teammate)
-Left ankle - Stepped on yesterday by one of our Props. Looks like it, too.

I mentioned this to my mom and added how sore my neck, shoulders, and traps were from tackling as well as my hands/fingers. I expected her to tell me to be careful, but her response surprised me:

"Child of mine, you never cease to amaze me.. Just when I think I have you figured out you do something different. Gma Pearl would be so proud of your spirit of adventure."

I don't want to think of my busy schedule as trying to do it all, but an extension of my spirit of adventure. Thanks, Grandma!


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