Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fantastic News!

Tofu Scrambler is Back!

Dear Jen,

Tofu Scrambler

It’s back! Fantastic World Foods Tofu Scrambler is now in stock.

Due to a stunning number of requests from devoted customers like you, we have reintroduced Tofu Scrambler. Now you can greet your day with a healthy breakfast entrée of tofu scrambled with our blend of mild spices and vegetables. Paired with a fresh fruit salad, or whole-grain toast, Tofu Scrambler is a delicious addition to your morning.

To celebrate, we’d like to extend a special offer – FREE shipping! Just visit and spend $15.00 on any combination of our products, and we’ll cover all of the shipping costs! Use coupon code SCRAMBLER at checkout.

You can also help us bring Tofu Scrambler back to the shelves of your favorite store. Talk to your local store managers, show them the Tofu Scrambler box, to let them know you’d like to be able to buy Fantastic World Foods products at their store!

Thanks for your patience, loyalty and support. Happy eating!


You have to love it to understand... a nice, warm tofu fritatta.. Mmmm... I've been without for so long it was driving me crazy. I tried to make my own version one time with nutritional yeast and some spices and it was awful. I thought maybe just the dozen or so stores I've been checking decided not to carry it, so I went online to see if I could order a case. (Desperate times calls for desperate measures!) It was there, about two months ago, that I saw they would start carrying the Tofu Scrambler again starting in September. I was so excited.. that I signed up for their email list so I could be notified when it would be back on the shelves.

I can't wait.


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