Monday, August 04, 2008

Weekend workouts in review

I always have a lot going on, but wanted to make sure I got a few workouts in before doing a lot of cleaning:

Saturday – run
Sunday – bike
Sunday – Crossfit

Saturday, I headed out to Fountainhead later than expected, but was able to get on the trail after a huge downpour. It rained the entire time, but felt great. I ran out to the 6 mile marker at Bull Run Marina (1:15) and back (1:20) for a total trail time of 2:36. I was hoping to get closer to an even or negative split, but I was happy with it and how I felt. I was also trying to focus more on Pose running instead of my usual 'one foot in front of the other' method. My right knee was a little sore post run, but it could be from thinking more about my technique and form on the hills and flats.

Sunday's ride was epic in the fact that it was the shortest long ride I have probably ever done since Ironman Lake Place last year. It was a total of 15 miles of flatness around West Potomac Park. I can't even remember the last time 15 miles was considered long. Heck, only recently was 12 miles considered my commute! I feel like I've completely fallen off the cycling bandwagon and am starting from scratch. I've really let myself go and have neither strength nor endurance on the bike. It's really, really sad and I can only hope to get better. You have to start somewhere, right?

Speaking of starting somewhere, I feel like I've been making some good strides at Crossfit. Sunday's workout looked like this:

For time:
1000k erg
20 kettlebell swings
800k erg
30 KB swings
600k erg
40 KB swings
400k erg
50 KB swings

My time was 18:33. Please note, though, that I was only using a 20lb KB. On movements such as swings, sumo dead lift high pull, and.. others I can't think of, I might move up a size, but for anything such as military or push press I will stick with the 20lb bell. For the erg pieces, I was able to hold a rating between 1:55-2:03 and a SPM (strokes per minute) of 27-33. My form somewhat went out the window since I was so enamored with getting a fast time. I was thinking legs-back-arms, arms-back-legs, but I could've had more of a layback, used less arms, and not rushed the slide so much. I've seen videos of other CF affiliates and the peoples form on the erg is atrocious! Maybe I need to read up on CF defined technique, but I'm going to stick with the technique that I learned in a shell since it will carry over when I return to rowing.. whenever that may be.

With rugby starting up, my schedule will be changing as well to accommodate/over extend myself. Workouts will need to be moved around and time managed better than it is now. My ride was a bit disappointing, but it can only get better. I would like to start swimming again, so I'm hoping this weekend was a good sign of things to come.


At 1:07 PM, Blogger Katie said...

Jen it sounds like you have your hands full! Just be careful not to work too hard! Remember that your body needs rest. And yes, do as I say, not as I do... :P


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