Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A breath of.. fresh.. Zzzzzzz

I've been long overdue for a massage and never got one after MMT back in May. Shame on me for waiting over 4 months. The GF does give some good rub downs and she came in handy when I could barely lift my arms after Angie last weekend. Oww. Note to self: buy more Tiger Balm. But she can only last so long and I'm not allowed to fall asleep (as I usually do with a real massage therapist) since I have to return the favor, or move from the foot of the bed.

I usually do my Crossfit workouts after work, but had to rearrange my schedule to accommodate my softball schedule. We had a make up game on Monday with playoffs starting Thursday whether we won or lost. Playoffs are also double elimination with games on Tuesday or Thursday and Monday and Wednesday reserved for make up/rain out days. This is really messing up my schedule, but the team needs at least 3 women on the field as well as a mobile shortstop. Having played softball in college and being the youngest member of the team by about 15 years is enough for me to have inherited the position.

With my Tuesday night now wide open, I was able to schedule an appointment with my usual massage therapist who only works Tuesdays. I lucked out as was able to get in, but wasn't lucky enough when I found out she was running behind schedule. Luck came back to me as she gave me an additional $10 discount since I had to wait 30 minutes (actually it was 45 min since I got there early, but it's not my fault that Metro was on time!). Woohoo! That's on top of a discount I already get, but it was short lived since I tip well.

How well do I tip?

This is my train of thought, so follow me if you will. I show up having climbed up the Dupont metro stairs (I can't stand to the right; too long) and I'm sweaty and probably a little stinky. Also, it was a last minute decision to schedule the massage and I didn't figure that into my 'should I shave this morning?' conversation I had with myself before laughing out "no!hahah! It's only been 4* days, silly!"** So there was some noticeable stubble to contend with. I don't have the greatest looking feet, either. I'm not one of those people who should really think twice about wearing sandals or other types of shoes that expose their heels or toes, but I'm not one to get pedicures. And they might smell a little.

Oh, yeah, and the biggest reason for giving a good tip is that she has to massage my ass. It's not that she HAS to or that I ask for it, but she knows what I do athletically and can tell/feel some imbalances in strength, flexibility, tightness, etc. I'm probably not the fittest, nor the fattest of her clients, but I like to call what she does to my ass muscles a GODSEND after Monday’s Crossfit workout:

20 walking lunges (10 each leg)
10 burpees
20 lateral lunges (10 each leg)
10 burpees
20 jumping split lunges (10 each leg)
(done in 27:10)

You, too, can earn an extra $20 if you can put me to sleep by kneading my butt cheeks!!

Yeah.. didn't think there would be any takers.

**This is a theoretical conversation with myself.
*This number does vary, but I won’t divulge which direction: +/-


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