Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hard core to the core

I saw this power wheel challenge the other day when browsing the Monkey Bar Gym for workouts.

What’s the Power Wheel Challenge?
Do the Power Wheel crawl 100 yards on a football field without dropping! Pass the Challenge and Win over $300 in MBG Training DVDs and get listed on our Power Wheel 100 Yards Club! (*video proof required)

We do a lot of workouts that use your bodyweight - push ups, situps, squats - and from time to time use the power wheel (PW). Last Wednesday's workout (I'm a little behind) looked like this:

5 rounds AFAP of
10 PW pike ups
15 PW leg curls
20 PW crawls (10 forward, 10 back)

It's harder than it looks. The pike ups start off in a push up plank position then you use your core to draw your butt up in the air, which brings your feet (and the wheel) close in to you. You flip over onto your back for the leg curls, which, again are harder than they look. I have done leg curls with a stability ball before, but it's a tad easier because of the surface area of the ball. The crawls are a similar start as the pike ups, but you walk forwards, then backwards. It's good practice for the PW Challenge! I completed the workout in 11:55 and could feel it from my shoulders and chest through my torso, glutes, and calves. Another great full body workout.

We'll probably be using the power wheel for one workout each week as it's a good addition to the repertoire.


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