Thursday, January 08, 2009

New Year Firsts - workout and long run

It's amazing what a couple weeks away from structured workouts will do to ones level of fitness. I can't speak for everyone, but Monday night's workout was a nice wake up call. Some push ups, sit ups, and squats and a lot of walking while in Michigan did keep me from only gaining 2lbs, but I did notice a loss of strength.

3 rounds, 2 minutes each workout, 1 min rest after each round
Back squat - 55#
Power wheel plank holds
Burpees to box jumps
Jump negatives
Half-sey push ups

I was able to crank out the squats and hold the plank on the wheel, but everything else was sub par. I had to resort to burpees on my knees and I got little air under my feet before jumping onto the box. I was able to hold myself over the bar for a few seconds before sloooowly lowering myself down on the jump negatives, but the last few on each round felt like I completely dropped from the bar to a dead hang. It took a few tries to find a grip that would hold. Palms out is my standard, but left palm in or both palms in seemed to give me a better grip and one I could hold more consistently. The push ups were gawd awful after how I faired on the burpess, so I just started with and stuck with half-sey push ups - on your feet going down and on your knees when pushing back up.

I had no oomph in me and it was pretty pathetic, but the eye opener that I needed. Hey, we all have to start somewhere, and now I have my benchmark for the year.

Speaking of this year, I don't make any resolutions, but have come up with a long 'to do' list in my mind that I'll put to paper one of these days. It includes a number of things, such as getting my first pull up (dead hang and kipping) as well as improving my overall strength with the barbell and kettlebells. I also have a list of races set to do this year, and at the top of the list is my third attempt at MMT. I went out there last weekend to do about 12 miles (Bird Knob) and was just happy to have the rocks under my feet again even if I was a tad nervous knowing it was hunting season, and seeing about 10 hunters throughout the run. I ran with the dog who wore a bear bell to ward off any bears and hunters. It probably worked to keep the deer, or whatever they were hunting, away as well.

Plans to get out there and to Shenandoah every weekend to run sections are a weekly discussion - where to go, what to focus on, how much to run, etc. I have maps galore and love pouring over them to the nth degree. I am, however, still on the outside looking in as I drum my fingers and slowly wait until I'm moved off the wait list. The likelihood of that happening is good, but not until April. So instead of just drumming my fingers, I will continue with my training schedule as planned. Sure I might miss a few runs during the week, but getting on the rocks and grinding out the climbs on the weekends are what I need to focus on.

There's a lot of planning going on and a lot of doing that needs to happen.. and it will at some point in time. I hope to stay consistent with my runs and CrossFit workouts and life in general. New Year.. same 'ol me.


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