Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dating a junkie

There was no intervention that came to this realization, just a simple email to my girlfriend:

"You're now one of the deal junkies who know us best, so we'd be stoked to hear about your buying experience. Simply answer two quick questions – it's a step towards Steep and Cheap bringing you more and better deals, not to mention aligning the universe's gear deal karma."

I've mentioned before how addicting the website Steep and Cheap is, and apparently they, as an enabler, know she's addicted and aren't doing anything to help ween her away from the website. Her getting this email is like a smoker hanging around outside doorways 'just for a whiff'. Next thing you know you're there everyday and later with a cigarette in hand.

Of course, if I get a sweet IceBreaker top for Christmas, I'm going to look the other way.


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