Wednesday, February 18, 2009

At home workouts - part 3+

I think I missed a few weeks of write ups, but I've continued doing my Wednesday night workouts.

5 rounds of:
250m row
30 squats
15 KB push jerks (20#)

I think this took me something close to 17 minutes. I finished it up with a 15/15 power wheel workout of knees to elbow and leg curls.

Another workout I did was one my sister did in class last Monday might. I shortened it considerably since I putzed around a bit and still had to make dinner. Oops!

3 rounds of the following with a 20# KB:

1 hand
Push Press
OH squat - looking up at the bell, twisting slightly, and touching the ground with the free hand.
10 swings
*switch hands, repeat the above sequence
100 single unders

It took me about 15 minutes to complete the workout. I was watching a bit of "Lost" at the time and chatting with my sister, so there were a few lengthy pauses, which I've subtracted from the above time. ;) A great workout. I could tell which arm was weaker when holding the KB overhead and my shoulder was all over the place trying to stabilize it. The overhead squat was a good reminder that I need to get in more windmill and TGU practice.

A challenging workout to do when you're short on time.

I've been nixing Tuesday night runs for a bit and doing another workout instead. Here's one from last night..

5x through
500m row
15 - double KB clean, squat, press (20# KB)
5 - pull ups (assisted w/ ghetto bands and a slight jump)

This one took about 30 minutes and hurt. I was sucking wind on the reps of CSP. I had to break it down to reps of 5. It was pretty sad.

This is what tonight's workout is going to look like..

Warm up - Windmills

4x14 each of to following:
1-leg KB deadlift
1-arm KB snatches
1-arm KB military press

At the end of each 1-side sequence I'll do 7 push ups and 7 sit ups before repeating with the opposite arm/leg and 7 more push ups and sit ups for ONE set. .

I'll probably end with a 15/15 Power Wheel workout of knees to elbow and pike ups. I'm already feeling the burn from last night workout and know my core will a sore puppy after this one. Can't wait!


At 5:06 PM, Blogger Emily said...

sounds sick----but I love it


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