Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hockey is part of proper recovery

Even with short, interval runs scheduled this week, I haven't been very motivated to get out there and do them. Part of the reason.. yeah, okay, the main reason is that the 2009 hockey playoffs have started. And since moving, we have acquired the same cable company of the owners above us since that is also included with the rent. I can't help that we get NHL Center Ice with access to all the playoff games. I loved living in Ann Arbor, MI and getting CBC for hockey.

Playoffs were the death of me then, and they are still wrecking havoc on me 8 years later.

The first round, with at least 3 games a night, are killing me. Going to bed at 10:30pm is waaaaay past my bedtime. This coming from the person who could regularly stay up until 1am and still wake up for a swim at 6am. *shaking head* No more. But I try! I can't even stay up for the late game out west!

Watching the Wings take it to the Blue Jackets has been great, but the Caps have me on edge against the NY Rangers, down 3-1 in the series. I worked out the nerves last night with a late 10 minute workout. Only 10 minutes, you ask?

10 minutes - AMRAP
5 deadlift (35# KB)
10 KB swings overhead (20#)

**I also wore my 10# weighted vest for the workout

I lost count of my rounds, but the clock seems to tick down more slowly on shorter workouts with less reps. I wish I could've gone heavier on the deadlifts, but that's the weight I have right now at home. I do have an old, thin bar with some sand weights, but they haven't made it over to the new place yet. We've paid rent on the old place through May, so there were a few items that we weren't in a rush to move, and the weights were one of them.

I've also started up the One Hundred Push Ups challenge after fading away after week 3 or 4. I took the initial test again and completed 6 pretty kick ass push ups, if I don't say. I'm on Week 1, day 3, so I had five sets of push ups to complete with reps of 8, 10, 7, 7, and then a max set of at least 10 push ups, and I did 10. I put my Nalgene on the ground under my chest to make sure I'm going deep enough. Going 'chest to deck' is too deep for me and I usually end up hurting my chest or shoulder in the process. The bottle is about 3" off the ground, which is still plenty deep. Even though I have a decent rack based on bra size, it's not much of an advantage when it comes to push ups. Oh well.

No, I did not do the push ups with the weight vest on. Maybe after I (hopefully) complete the challenge I will do a few reps from time to time with the vest on, but for now I'm just getting comfortable with it**.

**wearing it around the house while doing dishes, unpacking, watching hockey, etc.


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