Friday, June 26, 2009

Skip a little rope, do a few sit ups. For time. Go.

The past couple weeks I've been warming up with the jump rope before workouts and working on my double unders. It's quite a skill to have and a great workout when you can successfully string them together. Combine them with some sit ups and you've got yourself a nice little metcon workout affectionately called "Annie"

Double Unders
Sit ups

I was able to knock this out in 9:37. The first time I tried it, I was dealing with some Achilles issues from jumping rope too much and could only string together 3-5 DUs at a time. I lollygagged throughout the workout in 30 min or so.

This time around, after using a single under to get started, I was able to rip off 15-17 DUs at a stretch. On those first couple of rounds it's easy to tense up your upper body without even thinking about it when moving at a fast rate. Think about sprinting. When you're doing a 400-800m all out run, pay attention to your shoulders. Yeah. Get them out of your ears. If you're rigid, your breathing is going to be off or non existent and you'll be gasping for air when you trip up on the rope and have to restart. Keep the movement in the wrists and ankles, not the elbows and knees.

I hope to get a little more efficient with the double unders and build more speed with the sit ups. Doing them with my feet unanchored is a bit of a challenge, but manageable. I've set a good benchmark time and hope to go sub-8 next time around.


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