Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A decent run

This past weekend I ventured out to Bull Run Marina with my GF and a few friends to get in some time on the Bull Run Occoquan Trail. Since none of us are particularly fast, nor in shape enough to cover too much distance, we settled on an out-and-back run. That way any of us could turn back at any point in time. And the fact that it was raining kept us from running too far away from the car.

Bottom line, the run felt great. I didn't over compensate and tried to run as naturally as possible, albeit, a lot slower than usual. Being away from the trails for so long hampered my confidence as I was a little iffy on the downhills due to the wet leaves and my feet weren't as nimble over the tree roots. To have that as the only negative about the run is a good thing as is finishing the 4 miles injury free.

That's right - 4 miles. My mileage has increased from 200m to 1 mile to 4 miles. If there's one thing that I can guarantee is that I will go into any race I do this year under trained, and I am totally fine with that.

I'll be sure to update my workouts in following posts.


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