Monday, November 21, 2005

Influencial people

Who was it that said beer and scotch on a Sunday are a good mix.

I'm standing around at Slothman with a beer in one hand and the other hand empty. I'm not with my usual group of bad influences (you know who you are.. Guzzy), so there isn't a cigarette in that hand, so it might as well be occupied with another alcoholic beverage. So i get a ride home after 3 or 4 beers and 2 or 3 glasses of single malt scotch. I've been sleeping all day as is, so I might as well plot my ass on the sofa, grab yet another beer, and put in "Team America: World Police". It's 11pm and I can barely keep my eyes open. I make to at least 11:30pm before passing out on the most comfortable sofa in the world (see previous entry).

I look at my watch and decide that I'll spend the night on the sofa, but remember that my watch is still 1 hour fast, so I have more time than I think. On a rare occassion, I'm able to drag my ass upstairs - contacts out, teeth brushed - and into bed, which is covered with laundry waiting to be washed. There's a lot of stuff "going on" in my room that is now on the "do tomorrow" or "do this week" list.

I'm pounding the water and wonder WTF I do this shit to myself. Unforunately, I remember there were pictures involved and I was crowned Queen of Slothman. I figured Rob would be the Queen and I the King, but it was his party and he made the rules. He cut the vine off a plant which was my crown and I held bottles of beer, wine, and possible the scotch made it into the picture as my bouquet of flowers. No acceptance speech or sashay down an aisle waiving to my people, but I'm sure if I had a little more to drink it would've happened. At least I remember this much.

I know I won't make it to the pool.. hell, when was the last time I was there??.. and I doubt I'll be very productive at work. I blame Andrea.

Time to pass out for a few hours.


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