Thursday, December 22, 2005

Ahhh.. the comforts of home

it was a long trip, but I am home for 12 days. Yep, back in Michigan.. barely.

I didn't think I'd catch my flight out of DC. My flight was at 7:10pm and the cab arrives at 5:50. It's usually a short jaunt over the 14th Street bridge and down GW Parkway to the airport, but at this hour in DC, there's no such thing as a short commute. I was panicking mildly as the cabbie was driving AWAY from 14th Street. My eyes weren't moving from the clock. I wanted to ask him WTF he was going. Oh, he was going to pick up 395, but he went a mile out of his way to get there. Whatever.. So we're sitting on the 14th Street bridge trying to get to the exit ramp, but traffic isn't moving. I tell him to go another way.. it's 6:10 and I'm starting to get nervous. We pull up to the terminal at 6:20.. 20 minutes to spare to check in.

Then delayed in Detroit. Instead of leaving at 10:40 and getting in at 11:30pm, we leave at 11:45 and get in at 12:30am.. waited 20 min for luggage. It's tradition to go to IHOP when we get in, so we had to get some eats. Didn't get to BR until 3:30am. Oy..

But after getting my hair did today, I took a nice walk through town and up to the library to see my mom. It's just nice to see the old shops and see the new ones that have moved in and remember what used to be there. I'm sure I'll do a lot of reminiscing while I'm here. The weather is a perfect 35 degrees, so I will make the most of what's left of the day and head out for a run.

There is more to see.


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