Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Rain, Rain, Go Away

My coworkers used to tease me about what I wore to work. I'm a very casual gal.. jeans and a T on the way in.. my 'commuter clothes'. I have my shelf of work clothes in the office that I change into when I get in, and rotate every week when it's laundry time. Doesn't matter the temperature because I'm always sweating by the time I get in.. and it's only a 10 minute walk.

Today was a little different than usual. Why? Because it was freakin' pouring out. No problem.. umbrella to the rescue. Umbrella.. my ass! Cheap Wal-Mart piece of crap. I was soaked. My jeans were soaked - from the knees down up front and from the ass down in back. Soaked through to the skin on my ass, too. How? Dunno.. I figured my backpack would be shielding my back and ass from the rain.. but no! To top it off, my shoelace came untied. I tried to bend over to tie it, but couldn't hold my umbrella and workout bag at the same time and kneel down without putting my knee on the wet cement. And then my umbrella flips inside out.. twice. I felt like Steve Martin in "The Jerk"

I also walked through a puddle that I thought was walkable through, but the water was ankle deep. And I also had cars driving through puddles along the curb spraying me. I swear they were aiming at me! Helluva way to start off my day.

And THAT is why I wear 'commuter clothes'.


So the grey skies passed and it's gorgeous out this afternoon. I mentioned the loud consultant lady that's inhabiting the cube behind me. Well, guess who happens to be in the office today? And guess who happens to go to her cube to find my jeans hanging over her chair DRYING! Ugh.. at least I was walking down the aisle behind her and offered to move them right away. I was apologetic as well as embarrassed. She didn't mind and said she was just stopping in and said I could use the cube for whatever reason since she's not in that much.

I wonder if she'll be that nice when she finds my bike in there in a few months!


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