Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The End of an Era

All good things must come to an end at some point, and that time is now. It's great that our company is growing when a number of companies in our business have been downsizing. We went through a bit of a firing session back in Oct/Nov, but after a short hiring freeze are now looking for fresh meat. With that comes warm bodies to fill the cubes around me. I like the piece and quite and will usually listen to VH1 online or some other form of music to drown out those around me. In a row of 5 cubes, I'm in the back near a window and have had the cube behind me and across the aisle empty for as long as we've been on the 5th floor - 15 months.

I used these cubes to store files that I'm not ready to part with just yet and as my personal drying rack. We have a shower/locker room here as well as a fitness room and a 1.2 mile loop outside that's good for running. During the summer I'll try to bike to work a couple times a week and store my baby across the aisle from me. I like to keep an eye on her and besides, nobody puts baby in the corner!.. or outside. I like to get long swim workouts done in the morning and will usually shower here at work instead of at the pool. It keeps me from having to schlep everything around and I have a separate drawer in my filing cabinet for my toiletries as well as an overhead shelf (closed) where I store clothes. The towels and swimsuit are hung up over the chair and are dry by the time I'm ready to go home.

Until today..

It looks like they're trying to keep pocket "teams" together that have been spread throughout the floor. Luckily, the annoying woman behind me is just a consultant and is in the office only a few times each month. The one next to me is pretty quiet, so I shouldn't have to worry about her too much. So I'll don the earphones and figure out where to store my baby when it comes time to start biking in again.


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