Sunday, March 05, 2006

The pen is mightier than the sword

I speak from experience here.

Here's the deal. I don't need to reiterate that I had to shop, but I do. Buying jeans is the worst, but I the whole 'trying on of the jeans' is worser. If that's not a word, it is now.

So I live on a few pairs of jeans. I have my favorites, but I think I finally wore through them. The bottoms are frayed, they are starting to come undone at the seems, there are small holes everywhere.. and I wore through the crotch. That's right. There's a hole about the size of a softball in the crotch. Don't ask how it got so 'worn out' down there. I still haven't thrown them out, though.

So I moved on to my next favorite pair. I wore them to work Tuesday and carried with me my trusty backpack and workout bag. This is a small cloth bag or something that I got for participating in the Philly marathon back in 2003. It's small, but it fits what I need. I got in the office at 9:30am and it wasn't until 1pm when I noticed a stain on the right side of my jeans that looked like a pen had been in my pocket and leaked.

"WTF am I doing with a pen in my pocket?"

I checked, but no pen.. and the stain was too high for a pen leak. A pen leak would be closer to my crotch and this was up by my hip. I thought there might be a pen on my desk that I rubbed against when I turned in my chair, but it wouldn't do THIS much damage. So I went back to my cube to check my workout bag.

Sure enough.

There was an upcapped pen poking through the side of the bag. When I walked in to work, I wore it over my shoulder, so I was writing on myself with every step. I had it in there to write down my workouts and must've forgotten to put the cap back on.

I was pissed. Not so much for being a dumbass, but at my coworkers for not pointing it out to me! Many o' times have I told my Slipper Manager that she has food in her teeth.

This isn't the first time I've had a run in with a pen. Back in October, I was carrying a Sharpie in my pocket (please don't ask why) and that leaked. I was wearing my then favorite pair of shorts, and they were ruined. So I'm working my magic on the jeans. I haven't gotten rid of the shorts, figuring I could sew a patch.. well, I mean, so my mom could sew a patch over it to cover up the black mark. If this works, getting the ink stain out of the jeans and shorts, you can start calling me 'Heloise'.

Stop me if I start darning my socks.


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