Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Answer: Most definitely

Question: Wait is up. Do you still want the slot?

Regarding my post about 3 weeks ago titled "The Waiting Game", apparently 3 was my lucky number. I got news yesterday that I made it into The Bull Run Run 50-Miler this spring. Hard to believe this year will mark my 4th 'battle'. I'm looking forward to the challenge, however my goals will be a little different this year.

With past times of 11:03, 11:14 (spent too much time chatting and not running my own race), and 12:01 (rain, mud, temps dropping 20 degrees over the course of the day), I would most definitely like to break 11 hours this year.

Do able?


My training is getting there and I have a few 'tests' coming up in the next few weeks that will give me a good idea of how my training really is going. However, running a bunch of PRs isn't my goal. Yes, I'd like to better my times from previous years.. isn't that the point of doing the same race year after year. And doing so would be icing on the cake, but something to reflect on after MMT. MMT is my goal.. my elephant.

April will be a busy month and a time to hone my nutrition and mental game plan, which is why doing this race 5 weeks before MMT is so important.

I am looking forward to both.. most definitely.


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