Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Waiting Game

Lucky #3.

At least I'm hoping it's lucky.

It's not uncommon for popular triathlons to fill quickly. Typically, the registration for Ironman's in North America fill within hours of it opening. When I know that I want to do a particular IM the next year, I'm usually on the ball and register ASAP. No problems.

I got a little lazy when registering for a popular 50-mile trail run. I kept an eye on the entry list when registration opened Jan 23rd. I filled it what I was supposed to online then printed out the entry form to mail in later. I left it at work over the weekend and saw the entry list at 315 Saturday. Well, lazy me didn't drop it in the box until Monday night. I checked the website and saw that registration was full. Luckily there's a waiting list.

I'm #3 on the list.

So now I wait.. 6-8 weeks. I will wait. I won't sit idle, staring at the entry list to see if my name will appear. No, I will continue to train as if I will line up with 350+ others at 6:15am.

What sucks, though, is that it's someones misfortune that will be my gain. It will come down to 3 people falling victim to injury, lack of training, or something else to allow me to do this race. I wish to not know the circumstances. I can only hope to be a good replacement and have a good race.

Until then, I will wait.


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