Monday, February 26, 2007

Give it up

I'm not a rah-rah Catholic, but I do attend church once in a blue moon. Last week, I attended Ash Wednesday service for the first time in years. I would venture to guess that the last time I went on Ash Wednesday was back when I was living with my parents or sometime in collge, so it was nice to go back. Sure, I, like many, have my reservations about the Catholic church, but that won't keep me from going and believing what I believe. What is that exactly? I'm not quite sure, which is why I like to go from time to time to try and find out. Not sure how much progress I'm making, either.

I'm probably one of the least likely people you'd expect to be a chuch goer, too. Well, I am.

So with Ash Wednesday comes fasting as well as giving something up. My mom likes to say we don't have to give something up, we just have to do something to become closer to God. I still like to give something up and usually it's along the lines of sweets, beer, peanut butter, etc. This year I made it 3 things - chocolate, peanut butter, and swearing.

Yes, swearing.

On top of that, every time I swear, I have to do 10 push-ups. I had been doing 7 a pop on my own while waiting for food to cook, during commercials, etc, but I've decided to up the ante. Not on my knees, aka "girl" push-ups, either. When doing my 7, I'd really focus on form by going slowly, doing them with my hands on a foam roller or with one on a medicine ball, etc. When at home, I'd also try to do them in front of the entertainment stand since I sould see my reflection in the glass door. That way I'd really be able to keep an eye on my form.

The words in question, or that 'count', are basically every four letter word out there that you can think of. Even the most minor, such as '@ss', 'd*mn', 'sh1t', and 'h3ll'. No mention of the Big G, either, or else I have to hit the ground and knock out 10. I'm on the honor system with this, too.

While riding the trainer yesterday, I lamented aloud about how my chest hurt.

"Stop swearing," my sister dryly replied.

Has it worked?

Well, let's just say I've had some good/bad days. Not sure how to define that, either, but I think I have cut back on swearing.

I still have about 30 to do yet today for my morning potty mouth and maybe 20+ from my potty mouth last night. *sigh*

By April 9th, I might be closer to Demi Moore in "GI Jane" than I am to God.

Whatever works


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