Thursday, August 14, 2008

Captain Morgan "After"

Wednesday's workout was exhausting. Here's the scoop:

Do AMRAP in 30 minutes of the following -

5 - Hindu push-ups
10 - medicine ball squat cleans (14 lb ball)
15 - pike ups on a stability ball
20 - box step-up jumps

On an online forum, I had predicted that I would complete 7 rounds. I pulled that number out of my butt having no idea how long it would take me, and was happy to finish 7 rounds plus 5 push ups from round 8. When I was done, I struck a Captain Morgan "after" pose ā€“ practically passed out on the mats. Earlier in the workout, I struck my Captain Morgan "before" pose, which included one foot up on the plyo box with my hand on my knee before starting a set of the box step-up jumps. The after pose would've been better if I were next to a porcelain receptacle instead of on a dirty, sweat covered mat and had actually ingested some rum.

Or not.

I was quite content with not moving, but had to since I had Pilates right afterwards in the next room. After all those pike-ups I wasn't all too thrilled to hear that the focus would be on the core. I was wiped out, but it felt good. I was hoping to do more stretching and flexibility, but that's stuff I can, and should, do more often on my own. I'll try to make an appointment with the floor and some tubing tonight to do some stretching.

After a 45 minute run in the morning, I'd say Wednesday was a good day. There should be busier days like this to come, and Iā€™'m looking forward to them.

A picture was taking of me in my 'after' pose. Depending on how it turns out and if I get a copy of it, I will consider posting it.


At 5:47 PM, Blogger The Wigan Crossfitter said...

Post and be damned! Or something like that!

Pilates and crossfit...hmmm interesting bedfellows I guess.

At 9:11 PM, Blogger Katie said...

I am starting to think Steve is living on my blog... LOL. :P But I do agree... now that you have mentioned the infamous picture... you must share! :) After all, I showed you my snatch! :P


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