Monday, August 25, 2008

Does time fly when you're doing Crossfit?

53:25 felt like 20 minutes.

"That's it?" I asked when I finished the following workout Sunday:

5 rounds AFAP

1000m row
BB thrusters - 20 reps
Ring rows - 20 reps

The row was fine. The thrusters.. notsomuch. My form was crappy as I kept leaning forward too much. 'Head through the window' I kept thinking, and 'fully extend the arms'. I started with reps of 10 before eeking out reps of 7 on the last couple rounds.

The rings rows are a big 'you have no upper body strength' punch in the gut. Hey, I get it, and it was evident by ability (or lack thereof) to do them in sets of 5, and later 3. And it was more like little pulses, but at least I was engaging my lats. I was able to get a little more range of motion on the last few sets, but didn't want to take too much time to catch my breath just for a few more inches when I just wanted the workout over with.

I called 'time' and didn't realize it was nearly an hour later.

Either I was suckin big time or the workout really takes that long. I'll wait until I do it again to answer that question.


At 5:48 PM, Blogger The Wigan Crossfitter said...

Hard to judge isn't it the first time?

The rings truly scare me.

I've asked for some to be ordered at my 'bodybuilding gym'..yeah right that'll happen!


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