Thursday, October 16, 2008

A good day, and a good way, to start the week

There are days when things finally come together, and that day was Monday. As I mentioned in my last post, I had Columbus Day off for the first time ever, and took advantage of the time by getting my hair cut. I also moved my Pilates workout to the morning (which was a good thing cuz my legs were sore and I needed as much recovery time as possible!), but kept CrossFit at the usual PM time. I knew the workout ahead of time and knew it was similar to one we had done about a month ago, so I was ready to go.

In 30 minutes, to AMRAP of

10 box jumps to burpees
20 sit ups

You start off with a box jump then step back for a burpee before repeating. After 10, flip over for 20 sit ups. A pretty 'easy to follow' workout, but tiring in its own right.

The timer watch was set to beep at the end of two 15 minute increments. It would've been nice if it was over after the first beep, but we had more to do. I felt good on the burpees even if I wasn't going completely chest to deck, but I stayed off my knees every round, and I was proud of that. I kept good form (no belly or hip sag) and didn't cheat by 'nodding', as some people try to do. I also have a tendency to 'short jump' the return after the pushup, but only felt like I struggled in the later rounds.

I think I managed 9.75 rounds. I was over half done with the sit ups during my 10th round when the beeper went off. I felt like I was moving quickly throughout each workout and each set. If I needed to rest, I just took a few breaths before continuing as I didn't want to slow down any momentum, and it seemed to work. It'll be interesting to see how I do the next time we do this workout.


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