Thursday, February 04, 2010

January workouts - catching up

I'm a little behind, so here we go with the rest of my January workouts for those who are interested. My workouts the first week of February will be posted this weekend.

Thursday, January 20th
KB clean R/L
KB jerk R/L
KB split squat R/L
Pull up

Here's the breakdown:
10-9: 20# KB/body weight on pull ups (green band for assistance)
8-6: 25# KB/15# on pull ups (with green band)
5-1: 35# KB/20# on pull ups (with green band)

The split squats were weird and my form was iffy on the last few cleans. I definitely wasn't keeping it close to my body and using my hips as much as I should've been.

For time
25 KB swings
10 GHD sit ups
5 step ups
20 KB swings
10 GHD sit ups
10 step ups
15 KB swings
10 GHD sit ups
15 step ups
10 KB swings
10 GHD sit ups
20 step ups
5 KB swings
10 GHD sit ups
25 step ups

I forget my time on this, but I halved the KB swings and step ups, which as Rxed would've been box jumps. Still taking it easy on high impact movements. Swings were done overhead with a 35# bell and GHD sit ups were done on a stability ball with my feet hooked under the sofa. It was interesting especially since the sofa is pretty light.

Friday, January 22nd

Dead lift
3 x 5

This is the weight I was at/around back in October. No way should I've jumped up to it so quickly. Paid for it with a tight back the rest of the day.

Sunday, January 24th
Trail run

Out and back course; covered 4 miles in about 1:05. I'll call it a tempo run. Good to get out on the trails again.

Push Press
3 x 5


I did this before heading out to skeeball and didn't write them down. I do remember it feeling pretty easy. Next time I'll warm up with the bar (45) and load up at 55 or 60. I really want to buy some large washers to use as increment weights. There's a store in the area that sells them, I just have to get over there. I want to get over that 65# hump.

Monday, January 25th

Front Squat w/ 2 sec. pause in bottom:
5, 3, 3, 3

Clean (pwr)
3, 3, 2, 2, 1, 1

Split Jerk
3, 2, 1, 1, 1

Still taking it easy on squatting. I didn't go as deep as I should've/could've on the FS, modified the clean to a power clean (rack catch), and nixed the split portion of the jerk. A little upset about the squat numbers and probably could've tried 85-90 on the jerk, but was afraid of bailing in the small cluttered space I lift in.

Tuesday, January 26th

For time:
95 pound Deadlift, 15 reps
35 Pull-ups
95 pound Deadift, 12 reps
25 Pull-ups
95 pound Deadlift, 9 reps
15 Pull-ups
95 pound Deadlift, 6 reps
10 Pull-ups
95 pound Deadlift, 3 reps
5 Pull-ups


The DLs felt fine and I used the green assistance band on the pull ups. My grip was shot on this one.

5 4 3 2 1

Row 5 min, rest 5; row 4 min, rest 4, etc..

I have my total meters at home, but this was my first row since the 10 min TT on the 20th. I just wanted to give my back a little time to rest.

Wednesday, January 27th

3 Rounds of:
Hollow Rock 1min, 30sec rest, Super Mans 1min, 30 sec rest, L-sit drills 1min, Rest 1min before starting next round.

100 KB snatches (6:18)

I used the 25# bell for the snatches and my grip was fine. I didn't have any problems with my hands, but switched ever 15 reps. Would love to get this under 5 min and then test it with the 35# bell. That will be awhile.

Thursday, January 28th


I set up a trash can to make sure I was squatting to depth, but still don't think I was low enough. I'm going to keep working on this at a lighter weight to get the technique down before jumping up too much in weight.

Rowing "Helen"
400m row
21 KB swings
12 pull ups

Time - 12:14

KB swings were overhead with the 35# bell and pull ups were with the green assistance band. My traps were sore after this one.

Friday, January 29th
15 min AMRAP (8+18 DU)
5 Dbl KB Jerks (30#)
30 Double Unders

I haven't done double unders in awhile and it showed. I seemed to putz out around 15 consecutive. My core was smoked after the jerks as were my traps, which were still tender from the previous workout. Can definitely get over 10 rounds when I get those DUs clicking again.

Saturday, January 30th
Mid Atlantic Erg Sprints
30 min row - 7,101m (2:06/500m)

2000m relay
500m - 1:46/500m

Sunday, January 31st
10, 8, 5, 3, 3, 3 (pr or fail) 120sec rest between

Rest 5min

2 Rounds of:
Hollow Rock 1min, 30sec Rest, L-sits 1min, 30sec Rest


I'm happy with these numbers. More importantly I wasn't very sore the next day. Next time I'll start around 115-125 for a 5 rep DL workout. It's nice to get some numbers to see where I'm at, and then build from there. It will help with my met cons as well, which currently leave me pretty gassed.

And I plan to slowly add some runs back to my workouts. All about getting strong and staying healthy.


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