Monday, November 28, 2005

Weekend in Review

My parents are still visiting, but I thought I'd jot down some thoughts from this past holiday weekend.

First off, I've totally fallen off the wagon with what I eat. I've been eating like crap and, like most people, will be starting anew on Monday. I've continued my pursuit of an alcoholic beverage each day for the month of November, and I'm proud to say the streak is still intact. I should say thanks to Yuengling, Fat Weasel Ale, and some kind of wine for making it possible. When I start anew, I won't be backing off the booze just yet.

Second, it's been great having my parents here. I'm sure I'd be an absolute wreck if they were staying with us.. mostly because we have no room for them, but they're still my parents and some times I just need to get away. They are slowly, and I mean slowly, making their way around the city and learning the basics of the metro system. They also got to see their first pro hockey game Sunday night and had a good time despite a loss by the Caps. My dad was excited that they were giving away free backpacks and said, "now we have something to put our dirty clothes in when we go home." Gotta love 'em.

I also learned a lot about my relatives and family history. I have to keep asking my mom how we're related to certain people since we never met a lot of them while growing up. Better late than never.

It's been interesting slowing down and seeing the city as a tourist. I didn't see too much, but I realize I take the city and the memorials for granted. I've gotten to the point where I pass the usual buildings on my usual route and I know nothing about them. Maybe others don't feel the same way, but back home I can go down Michigan and State St and remember the old theater.. Grab and Get right across the street.. the old car dealership where Family Video is.. when Qdoba used to be KFC and Borsema's grocery store was next door along with Southland in that same section.. and Perry went as far as the water tower. The history doesn't go as far back as that of DC, but the significance is still there.

I also realized I have a lot of shit to deal with. My mind is cluttered with a lot of random thoughts and concerns and worries and dread and it's keeping me from staying on course. I'm falling into an emotional pit. I've started thinking too much and that gets me in trouble. It's worse around the holidays as I start to do an evaluation on the year - what I've done and where I'm going. I'm not sure if this forum is where I want to deal with it, but I know I have to start putting pen to paper and get it out somehow. I'll probably start pounding the pavement more and throwing around some iron and that adrenaline rush usually helps me focus. I know I'll be less stressed when my class finishes up next week.. and I haven't done much on my final project or to prep for the 'easy' final exam next week.

Off to lift weights at lunch.


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