Monday, December 05, 2005

Snow daze..

I don't get it.

Maybe it's cuz I'm from the midwest and used to lake effect snow, but it's amazing how not only flurries (they're flurries to me), but the mere threat of snow in the forecast absolutely cripples the area! I've heard projections of 3-6" and looking at, we might only have 1-3" by the morning. I'll be out running.

By 10am I could overhear coworkers planning on leaving at 2:00 to "beat the rush home". I wouldn't be surprised if school cancellations have already been made for tomorrow. I don't dare go shopping tonight since the grocery store will be sold out of eggs, milk, toilet paper, and gallons of water. Not that I need any of that. Storm Tracker Doppler3000 will zoom on the areas 'hardest hit' by the snowfall. Local news will be forecasting from Home Depot to find out what everyone is buying. WTF do you need a freakin shovel when you went out and bought one when this happened last year!?!? It's not like the area isn't prepared for this type of weather, such as Florida might be if they got hit with snow.

I really don't get it.

Oy.. And this email was just sent out to the company..


Subject: Unfavorable Weather Conditions


I’ve had several employees ask if the office will be closed tomorrow. The answer is definitely not… we’re a 24/7 facility.

In response to conditions caused by inclement weather, employees are required to use their best judgment in determining work schedules. This facility will remain in full operation; you’re expected to work your normal schedule tomorrow. Every employee is personally responsible to notify their manager if they’re unable to safely make it in. If, you do receive approval to work from home you must remain available to your team and manager by e-mail and phone throughout the day. Employees not eligible to work from home and who cannot safely make it in can use accrued vacation time or take a day without pay.


3 inches, people... 3 inches. *shaking my head*

I really don't get it..


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