Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Day 4

January 11th.. any significance to today's date? Nothing comes to mind, eh?

HOWEVER.. I realized that it has been four days since I've had any alcohol. Surprised? Ditto. Doesn't sound like a big milestone, but considering I drank all but one day in November and walked through December in a haze of hops and barley, I think it's something to mention. Previously, the longest I went without drinking was 3 days in December when I was studying for my final early in the month. It was fair game once that test was over.

I've made my one resolution for the year and know I can't give up drinking, but I knew I had to cut back this year. It hit me earlier this month when I drank a case of Killian's on 12/30 and then went on a new years binge and drank quite the mix of beverages from 7pm to 7am. I didn't get sick and it wasn't until the morning of the 2nd that it hit me.. I drank A LOT. I wasn't a stumbling drunk, either, just one that thought it was a good time to engage in deep, meaningful conversations that started with "You remember 5 years ago when.. ". Seriously.. who remembers that shit at that hour and after that much alcohol? Apparently I thought I did and felt the need to bring it up. I don't think I embarrassed myself that badly.

I've also had the temptation of an open bottle of Dancing Bull on the counter. I was at a get together on Saturday and limited myself to two beers. Since then - zilch. Is it something to be proud of? Sure I guess. Will I have a glass of that zinfandel tonight? After talking about it.. quite possibly.

Well, it was fun while it lasted.


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