Sunday, January 08, 2006

A cleansing.. baby steps..

So this weekend I've decided to start uncluttering my life. I admit that I'm a packrat and inherited my tendencies from parents. I've reached the first step and can admit my fault. Now I need to do something about it.

I let my junk mail pile up and just deal with the important stuff. I work in the junk (direct!) mail biz and occasionally talk with people that think their identity might've been stolen. I understand their concern, as I'm dealing with it after my lost/stolen wallet incident, and I don't throw away anything with my name/address on it without shredding it or tearing it up into confetti size pieces. There is a huge pile of mail and other stuff sitting next to the shredder.. just waiting. #1.

It all goes in the wash. I did laundry at my parents place, but I'm sure it picked up some funk from the suitcase as well as the other stuff packed with it. Because of that, it's all getting washed even if it passes the smell test. #2.

After being washed, I'm packing stuff up to donate to Goodwill. Out with the old, in with the new. Who knows how long it's been since I wore some of that stuff. Granted my closets will probably be bare.. at least I'm not in there.. HAHA! Hmm.. weak attempt at humor. So some lucky person will be getting a nice pair of Liz Claiborne pants. #3

God forbid I take a dust rag and vacuum to my room. #4.

I like to collect swim workouts, tips for biking hills, a new recipe, etc. I have loose papers everywhere.. it's a freakin fire hazard! Most will get trashed since I can print off more swim workouts. Others will go in a binder, which I started over the summer. A conceited effort to get organized. #5

Organize books and cds. I'm sure I'll get distracted while doing this and will start burning new CDs. Hell, at least I'll admit to doing it. #6

Clean out my rubbermaid bin of workout stuff. I know I have an old bike computer in there that's broken, old lube, cracked swim goggles, and who knows what else is in there.

I think it's best I do Spring Cleaning before Spring gets here. I know I'll be busy and then put off cleaning.. and put it off more. It's also cathartic. Start the year anew on the right foot.. a good note.


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