Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back at it..

Is it possible to suffer jet lag when flying from the west side of the Eastern Time Zone to the east side? I think I am. Well, I made it back to DC after barely catching my flight out of GR this morning. Don't ask. I keep putting it off, but I guess I should head into the office. I did check my voicemail and only had TWO messages! However, I know I have over 100 emails waiting for me. That, I'm not looking forward to sorting through.

But alas..

Apologies to any readers for not keeping this up to date as much as possible over the past couple weeks. Hopefully I have more to say in the coming weeks. It's looking to be pretty busy with weekend parties over the next three weeks, so there might be some interesting stories there. I have, however, sort of promised myself to cut back on the booze a little bit, so the stories will be boring sober ones. I apologize in advance.

Off to the salt mines.


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